BBG Rugby Tournament 1st XV Final

The WHS 1st XV had a stellar run this season on the rugby field which brought them to the final against Buller High.

Westland High School's rugby team recently showcased their mettle in the prestigious BBG Rugby tournament, where they reached the final amidst tough competition. The journey, although ultimately ending in defeat, was marked by moments of brilliance and valuable lessons.

The final match against Buller High School was a tale of two halves. Westland High School started strong, dominating the first half with two impressive tries. The halftime score reflected their early dominance, setting the stage for an exciting conclusion.

However, Buller High School, displaying its own resilience and determination, mounted a strong comeback in the second half. Despite Westland's valiant efforts, the match took an unexpected turn when it had to be halted due to an injury on Buller's team. As per tournament rules, Buller High School was declared the winner, maintaining a 10-point lead in the remaining minutes.

The final score, 14-24 in favor of Buller High School, may not fully capture the intensity and effort Westland High School put forth throughout the tournament. The experience was not just about the final outcome but also about the journey and the invaluable experience gained from competing against top schools like Greymouth High School, Papanui High School, Darfield High School, Rangiora High School, and ultimately Buller High School.

As Westland High School looks ahead, this tournament serves as a cornerstone for their future endeavors in rugby. The lessons learned and the experiences gained will undoubtedly fuel their determination to strive for excellence in both sports and life.