2022 NCEA Endorsements Awards ceremony

This term we held our annual NCEA Awards ceremony for those students who received Endorsements in 2022.

Congratulations to our students who were awarded subject (course) endorsements. 

To gain an Endorsement students must have at least 14 credits at either Excellence or Merit Level. At least three of the credits are from external examinations (except for Physical Education and Visual Art where there are no external exams)

‘Over-all’ endorsement in either Merit or Excellence in 2022 was awarded to students who gained a total of 46 credits (overall) at either Merit or Excellence. In 2023 students will need to gain 50 credits for overall endorsement (endorsement across all subjects).

Subject (course) endorsements at either Merit or Excellence are gained through focused hard work. Students who gained these awards in 2022 should be very proud of themselves as we are of them also.

Merit and Excellence course endorsements at Level 1 (2022)

  • Otis Vincent, Merit: Mathematics
  • Keira Wallace, Merit: Classical Studies
  • Courtney Lang, Merit: English, Physical Education
  • Riley Fleming, Merit: English, Excellence: Classical Studies
  • Sam Green, Merit: Classical studies, English, Excellence: Mathematics
  • Laura Weston, Merit: Classical studies, English, Excellence: Physical education
  • Freya Craig, Merit: Physical education, Textiles
  • Isabel Cummings, Merit: Classical studies, Mathematics, Science
  • Samantha Rasmussen, Merit: Mathematics, Physical education
  • Nathan Bisley, Merit: English, Mathematics
  • Georgia Ritchie, Merit: Drama, English
  • Connor Reid, Merit: Classical studies, English
  • Olive Morris, Merit: English
  • Ashlee Grainger, Merit: English
  • Connor Jones, Merit: Design and Visual communication, Mathematics

‘Over-all’ endorsement in either Merit or Excellence in 2022 

2022 overall Level 1 Merit Endorsement

  • Freya Craig
  • Isabel Cummings
  • Riley Fleming
  • Connor Jones
  • Courtney Lang
  • Olive Morris
  • Samantha Rasmussen

2022 overall Level 1 Excellence Endorsement

  • Sam Green
  • Georgia Ritchie
  • Laura Weston

2022 Level 2 course endorsements at Merit and Excellence

  • Saskia Kortlever, Merit: Biology, Excellence: Classical Studies, English, Sculpture
  • Madison Given, Merit: English, Painting, Excellence: Physical Education
  • Kaira Lourie, Merit: Classical studies, English
  • Bless Groome, Merit: Design
  • Indi Wyatt, Merit: Biology, Classical studies, Excellence: English
  • Isla Scott, Merit: Physical Education
  • Rohatai Fernandez, Merit: Physical Education
  • Charlotte Provis, Merit: Biology, Classical Studies, English
  • Ella Stewart, Excellence: Classical studies, English

2022 overall Level 2 Merit Endorsement

  • Rhiannon Eason
  • Kaira Lourie
  • Isla Scott

2022 overall Level 2 Excellence Endorsement

  • Madison Given
  • Saskia Kortlever
  • Charlotte Provis
  • Ella Stewart
  • Indi Wyatt

2022 Merit Endorsement at Level 3

These students were in Year 13 last year - 2022 - and we wish to acknowledge their academic achievements:

  • Lauren Burden, Merit: English, Physical education
  • Portia Wyatt, Merit: English, Physics
  • Quiyn Smith, Merit: English
  • Cassidy Bradley, Merit: English, Physical education

2022 Level 3 Excellence course endorsement

  • Portia Wyatt, Excellence: Biology, Geography

2022 Level 3 overall Merit Endorsement

  • Cassidy Bradley

2022 Overall Level 3 Excellence endorsement

  • Portia Wyatt