2021 Head students and Rūnanga Tauira

Congratulations to our new School Leaders for the 2021 year.

The head students and Rūnanga Tauira have been decided for 2021. Westland High School is proud to announce that the Head students will be Logan Grainger and Kaiah Priest with Leila Nolan and Scott Martini as the Deputy Head students. They are ably supported by the Rūnanga Tauira who were elected from their Hapū, they are Cassidy Bradley, Scott Matthews, Demi Pearson, Rufus Hawkins, Schkelia Rich, Jasmine Barry, and Nate Croy.

The Head students and Rūnanga Tauira play a vital role in the school and the leadership of the student body even though the selection process for both is quite different. The Head student selection process begins with students and staff making nominations, the school’s senior leaders approaching potential candidates and discussing the role and expectations of the leadership position. Candidates will need to have demonstrated good character and ability to be responsible and positive role models. After interviewing short-listed candidates, the Senior Leadership Team has to make the decision of who among the candidates will make the best student leader team and how they will work together to serve all the best interests of the school and its students.

Hapū representatives are selected in a different way although the high expectations are still an underlying requirement. These representatives are chosen directly by the students from within their Hapū. It is exciting to see so many students willing to step up and take on responsibility for student leadership and voice within the school. It is a great opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills through participating and contributing, relating to others and managing themselves well.

Kaiah Priest is next year’s Head girl. Kaiah has been at Westland High School since 2015, has been a foundation member of the Bilingual class whānau, and actively involved in Kapa Haka and te ao Māori. Kaiah has demonstrated a humble and sensitive leadership style that has been both positive and effective. Along with her role as the student representative on the school’s Board of Trustees, Kaiah is involved in many sports teams and community groups. Kaiah has been a role model to her peers showing integrity, positivity and leadership at school.

Logan Grainger is next year’s Head boy. Logan has come to Westland at the beginning of 2020 and although he has been here a short time he has been an active participant and supporter of basketball. He has demonstrated a commitment to helping others as recently demonstrated by his coaching of basketball, having devoted considerable time to training the team and building the skills. Logan has been a role model to his peers, showing positivity, commitment and leadership around the school.

Logan and Kaiah will be well-supported by Deputy Head students, Scott Martini and Leila Nolan and will be a formidable team. Scott has also been at Westland since 2015 and is a strong academic performer. Leila Nolan is a student who excels and thrives in her pursuit of excellence. Together they form a strong team with many diverse and complementary strengths. It will be exciting to watch them all perform and develop as leaders in our school. Rangatiratanga is one of the core values of our school. These head students exemplify this quality in many different ways.

He aha te kai ō te rangatira? He kōrero, he kōrero, he kōrero.

What is the food of the leader? It is knowledge. It is communication.