Gateway is a programme that combines school-based learning with structured learning in the workplace via work placement opportunities.

Gateway provides an opportunity for students to make progress in gaining a career qualification before leaving school. Gateway can also help some students tick off the work experience component needed to gain entry into certain university courses.

Some students use Gateway as a stepping stone directly into a career of their choice. Students that excel on work placements sometimes are successful at gaining apprenticeships with local businesses to start their trades-based career. For others the work training leads to part-time jobs that support them while they attend tertiary training.

For other students, it’s a good chance to check out a career in a hands-on way and make an informed decision about whether its a good match for them before pursuing tertiary education in that area.

Past Westland High School students have had successful work placements in the following Industries:

Building Aviation Hairdressing Early Childhood

Agriculture Hospitality Tourism Education (Primary)

Retail Nursing Plastering Electrical Engineering

Youth Work Bricklaying Boat building Beauty

Vet Nursing Printing Engineering Sport & Recreation (Gym and Coaching)

Automotive (Diesel, General and Electrical)



Gateway students are expected to:

  • complete a negotiated amount of unpaid work. This could be done by undertaking Gateway in an option line or in addition to your programme (i.e. in the evenings, weekends or school holidays)
  • keep up-to-date with all other schoolwork
  • attend classes regularly
  • achieve at least 20 credits
  • complete the compulsory health and safety and first aid courses plus the industry units available
  • keep a logbook
  • treat their employer with respect and are courteous and responsible including advising their employer in advance in they are unable to attend on a scheduled day.

Students who may be best suited for Gateway are those who are:

  • Committed, motivated and have a real desire to find out more about their future employment possibilities
  • can work independently towards the credits expected from them
  • reliable and have a positive attitude.

Process for signing up for Gateway

Mrs Greig is Westland High School’s Gateway Co-ordinator. The first step is to arrange a meeting with her.

Students will be required to:

  • complete an application form
  • be interviewed as part of a selection process to determine suitability for the programme and interests or goals
  • gain parent or caregiver consent
  • complete a health and safety course or Unit Standard 497
  • sign a contract between the school and employer to formalise the arrangement before the student can enter the workplace.


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