Westland High School operates with four core principles; manaakitanga, whanaungatanga, rangatiratanga and kaitiakitanga. We expect our students and staff to model these at all times in all aspects of school life.


Westland High School Values

Manaakitanga – Uplifting and Empowering Ourselves and Others.

Whanaungatanga – Actively Building and Contributing to Positive Connections with Others.

Rangatiratanga – Developing Leadership with Confidence, Respect, Self Determination and Teamwork.

Kaitiakitanga – Promoting guardianship and preservation of the school values, learning and the environment.


Westland High School Expectations

Manaakitanga: Our aim is that all students and staff treat each other with RESPECT at all times and in all places.

Some examples of how we achieve this are as follows:

  •        Being polite to each other, students, staff and visitors alike
  •        Being on time for class and other meetings
  •        Being prepared for class and other occasions
  •        Responding to those who are disrespectful in an assertive, non-aggressive manner
  •        Keeping play in the play areas and out of the corridors and classrooms

Whanaungatanga: Our aim is that all students and staff are RESPONSIBLE for the promotion of our school as a positive place of learning.

Some examples of these behaviours are as follows:

  •        Being proud of the things we achieve in school and in our lives
  •        Sharing pride in the achievement of others and acknowledging this in appropriate ways
  •        Talking to people in the wider community about the positive experiences in the school
  •        Supporting others to be the best that they can be in academic, social, cultural and all aspects of their being

Rangatiratanga: Our aim is that students and staff RESPECT and SUPPORT the mana and learning of themselves and others.

Some examples of these behaviours are as follows:

  •       Supporting students to learn and teachers to teach
  •       Demonstrating tikanga by encouraging others to do the right thing
  •       Uphold the mana of yourself and others
  •       Standing up for others and for yourself to be fairly treated

Kaitiakitanga: Our aim is that all students and staff are RESPONSIBLE for the protection and promotion of the school learning environment.

Some examples of these behaviours are as follows:

  •       Looking after and respecting the classroom/school learning environment and everyone’s right to learn
  •       Living and promoting the school values within school and the wider community
  •       Caring for and protecting plants and animals
  •       Taking action within the school and in the wider community to conserve and nurture the environment
  •       Disposing of rubbish and waste in safe and appropriate ways

Upcoming events

Friday 11 Dec

11th December Last day of term 4, 2020.

Friday 11 Dec

11th December Junior and middle school prizegiving takes place at the Regent theatre.

Monday 30 Nov

Westland Anniversay Day holiday. No school.

Monday 23 Nov

23rd November Senior Prizegiving takes place at the Regent Theatre.

Monday 23 Nov

  23rd of November Tecaher Only Day. No School. This is a day set by the Ministry of Education and will be co... [Read more]

Friday 13 Nov

13th November Senior students go on study leave for their NCEA exams.
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