English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


This class is very small and is open for any student whose first language is not English. Students are tested to identify their level of English on arrival and the course content is geared towards the student’s individual needs with the goal of increasing confidence and proficiency in English.

Course description:

Course work is designed to improve the written and oral skills in English.  Reading, comprehension, oral fluency and writing proficiency will be practiced through different modules of work. Students may choose to study for IELTS examinations.

Pre and post assessment :

Linda Todd Cloze testing – This testing is repeated at the end of the course to assess progress.

Credits available:

English and ESOL credits will be offered in negotiation with the teacher. The following are used for gaining skills, not necessarily qualifications.

Number   Title I or E*    Credits
US 17366 Write simple recounts of personal experiences (ESOL) I 3
US 2986 Begin to read independently texts to gain knowledge (ESOL) Level 2 I 5
US 1287 Talk about self in an interview using learnt language patterns (ESOL). Level 2.   I 4


I or E * = Internal or external assessments

IELTS course work is used for those students working towards this test

Costs: None. IELTS examination fees are extra.

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