Dance (Level 1-3)



Course description:

The dance course focuses on creation and performance of dance pieces. Students continue to develop effective use of body, movement and use of space, through a range of different contexts. We explore dance form and students can apply their knowledge in many performance opportunities.

There are opportunities for Dance standards to contribute to students’ literacy requirements.

Credits available:

Level 1:

Number Title Int/Ext Credits

AS90002 Perform Dance Sequences I 6

AS90858 Compose Dance Sequences for Given Briefs I 6

AS90859         Demonstrate Ensemble Skills in a Dance I 4

AS90860 Demonstrate Understanding of the Elements of Dance I 6


AS90861        Demonstrate Understanding of a Dance Performance   E 4

AS90005        Demonstrate Understanding of a Dance Style or Genre   E 4

Level 2:

Number Title Int/Ext Credits

AS91205        Choreograph a Group Dance to Communicate an Intention   I 4

AS91206        Choreograph a Solo Dance to Communicate an Intention   I 4

AS91207        Perform a Social or Ethnic Dance to Communicate Understanding  I 4

AS91208        Perform a Theatre Dance to Communicate Understanding   I 4

AS91209        Perform a Repertoire of Dance   I 6

AS91210        Demonstrate Understanding of a Range of Choreographic Processes I 4


AS91211     Provide an Interpretation of a Dance Performance with Supporting Evidence E4

AS91212     Demonstrate Understanding of a Dance Style or Genre in Context    E4

Level 3:

Number Title Int/Ext Credits

AS91588      Produce a Dance to Realise a Concept  I 8

AS91589      Choreograph a Dance to Develop and Resolve Ideas   I 4

AS91590      Perform a Solo or Duet Dance   I4

AS91591      Perform a Group Dance   I4

AS91592      Perform a Repertoire of Contrasting Dances  I 6

AS91593      Demonstrate Understanding of Dance Performance Practices   I 4


AS91594      Analyse a Dance Performance  E 4

AS91595      Demonstrate Understanding of the Development of Dance in Aotearoa  E 4

Please note: It is not expected that learners will complete all of the standards available. A minimum of 14 credits is expected.

Cost: $20 + Performance costs.

Students are expected to attend live theatre/dance performances, where possible.

Contact: Mrs N Ikiua

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