Careers Education

Career Pathways (info for students)

Figuring out what to study to enter the career you want can be overwhelming. For certain careers, the subjects you take at high school will determine whether you have the correct pre-qualifications to enter relevant tertiary training. 

Career Guidance (info for parents)

Our careers information and guidance programme is organised to meet the needs of our students. Activities are aimed at increasing students’ awareness of the career options open to them, and motivating and focusing students to think about their options for the future.

We offer a range of curriculum options and co-curricular activities that give students the opportunity to develop their personal skills and interests. We provide a range of career guidance, as well, to meet the different needs of our students, including:

  • Information about subject options and guidance and help aligning these with career pathways
  • School staff available for students to discuss their choices and aspirations (in consultation with their parents/caregivers)
  • Individual guidance through feedback on assessments, home learning, and course work
  • Maintaining networks with tertiary providers, training institutions, employers, and other agencies, to allow us to offer students opportunities for further learning, work experience, and life skills.

For further information contact the school office to speak to the Careers Advisor.