2019 Head students – Quote from students

Head Students

Grace Jones – Head Girl WHS 2019

Kia ora everyone, my name is Grace Jones and I am your Head Girl of Westland High School for 2019. I am very honoured to have been elected into this role as I have always aspired to be a leader at the school for many years.

My intentions within the school is to encourage more school pride among the students. To create innovative and fun games to run during the school weeks. Forming stronger relationships between students and teachers, and facilitating our school to become more connected within the community. I want to motivate and inspire students to put 100% into everything they do and to always give everything a go. I want students to feel supported in the school environment and feel like they always have someone they can to talk to.

I am very excited to work alongside Kieran Black (Head Boy), Lauren Graham (Deputy Head Girl) and the Rūnanga Tauira to accomplish goals and make the school a better place for the students and teachers.

2019 will be a great year for Westland High and I am excited to see what this year has to come.

Kieran Black – Head Boy WHS 2019

Kia ora koutou Katoa, my name is Kieran Black and I am the elected Head Boy of Westland High School for 2019.

Having this privilege not only comes with responsibility for myself but also the opportunity for me to give students a voice. I am looking to close the gap between different year groups by building relationships across the school and I believe it will be beneficial to students aspiring to seek positions in similar roles. I look forward to working with fellow head students to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.

In particular, the regular events that each Hapū participate in only promotes enthusiasm throughout the school. This is why I’d liked to adopt new events to the school which will continue to elevate the sense of community surrounding WHS.

Sports involvement supports this, fun activities like tabloid sports day continues to prompt Whanau to come together and give meaning. I’d like to further this by pushing participation for these events, and in all aspects of school to enhance students experience here at Westland high school.

Lauren Graham – Deputy Head Student WHS 2019

Hello, I am Lauren Graham and I am Deputy Head Student of Westland High School for 2019.

This role has been a position that I’ve always wondered whether it would be within my reach, this year I made it! In year 7 all the seniors seem so big and smart you just assume they know what they want in life, well I can assure you that’s not always the case. The one thing I’ve always known is I wanted to be just like them.

I can sit here and write the goals and aspirations I want this year for the student body but really it’s up to the students of Westland High School. My role is to help guide them in the right direction to ensure WHS is everything they need and more.

I am super keen to push fundraisers throughout the year to support our locals such as, looking at continuing our water day that helped raise money to support Samarra Wright. This was an amazing day and created a positive atmosphere throughout.

2019 will be my last of many years at Westland and I plan to make it amazing for not only myself but every student at Westland High.