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March 28, 2016

posted 27 Mar 2016, 23:05 by Julie Shawcross

Happy Easter to everyone.

The Easter break couldn’t have come sooner for many of us.  This term has been quite tiring for staff and students as we continue to manage a very big change to our lives.  It has been really nice since our return to the school building, to see all of the students training for various sports. The school has been buzzing with activity and our students have already achieved really well on the field with our senior rugby sevens boys winning the West Coast tournament and some outstanding performances in the athletics including a record breaking 100m run by Sientje in year ten, beating a Canterbury record that has stood since 1997.

Open meeting to start planning for the new buildings (5:30 pm Thursday 31st March)

Now that we are back in the school building our focus has to change to the future and what will our new building look like.  There are lots of questions to answer:

  • Do we replace like with like ?
  • Do we build on the same spot or in a different position?
  • How do we integrate this build with our plans for modern learning spaces and the long-term plans for the community and sports centre?
  • How do we ensure that the new build enables us to support our vision and values for Westland High School?
  • Which things are really important for the rebuild?
  • What do we want and what do we not want?
  • How do we involve the community?

There are lots more questions and we want to start with the whole community, everyone connected to Westland High School and beyond. 

To start the process we are inviting everyone in the community to visit the school next Thursday (31st March) any time between 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm.  You will have an opportunity to look around the school and also to help shape our plans for the future by sharing some of your thoughts and ideas about what the future of our school should be and how it can best meet our cultural heritage, values and aspirations for the future.

Board of Trustee Triennial Elections, 2016.

It is a very exciting time for Westland High School and there couldn’t be a better time for members of the community to get involved with the school on our board of trustees.  This year Westland High School will have elections for its board of trustees (2016 Triennial Trustee Elections). The suggested common election date is Friday, June 3rd

However, our first task is to appoint a returning officer.  A returning officer should be someone who has an eye for detail, ability to follow instructions, has good communication and can work effectively under time constraints.

If you are interested in becoming the school returning officer please contact the school office and leave your contact details.  You can find out more information about being a returning officer here.

Trustees play a very important strategic role in a school and it is important that the BOT contains a range of people from different backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experience.  You can find out more about being a trustee here, including a short, simple to understand video.

In the next few weeks some of our current trustees will write articles in our newsletter about being a trustee so that you get a flavour of what it is like to be a trustee.  It can be a challenging role but it is an extremely important and rewarding role. I hope that you are interested in becoming a school trustee and look forward to receiving your application once the official process has begun.

Prior to the election process it is important that we have accurate contact details for all parents and caregivers so that you all have an opportunity to vote for the candidates of your choice.  Please contact the school office as soon as possible when any of your contact details change.

and finally…

Finally, it is often said all over the world that young people are disinterested in the democratic process, so it was very pleasing when Nicole in year 13 asked me if we could organise our own school referendum.  Nicole organised this for the school with the support of her whanau and we had an 85% turnout (mainly because trades students were not in school) and of those who voted 64.6% were in favour of the current flag.