Te Whare Atawhai
Te Whare Atawhai at the Special Olympics   In Te Whare Atawhai, The House of Kindness, we nurture and support special needs students and other students who need extra learning support, both individually and in small groups. We follow an inclusive model where all students participate and are a part of the whole school community. We enable our students to attend the mainstream classes to further their educational/academic and social development with the support of a dedicated, caring and passionate team of teachers and teacher aides.

Resources, lessons and assessments are tailored to individual needs with the assistance of outside agencies such as Special Education, RTLB, the Correspondence School, and other agencies, as and when required, having first consulted and liaised with families/whānau.

We provide a safe and supportive environment for all of our students. We have a new, purpose built facility, specifically designed to meet the physical needs of our students to enhance and enable their time in school. Our beautiful building is open and light, with spectacular views and an outside area opening to a shared playing area and beyond to the school field. If needed the area can be fully secured with gates to ensure the safety of our students.

Students educational needs are catered to with the latest technology - from an interactive whiteboard to a range of computers, software and more traditional resources.